How you can Disable Avast Antivirus Without having to lose Your Data

If you are having some complications with your PC, the initial thing you need to do should be to look at methods to disable Avast anti-virus. It’s a common problem for most people to encounter, especially if they’d the computer virus with all of them when they first bought or perhaps downloaded it to their computer systems. That shows up like a message package which says something like “Avast detects anti-virus detected” or perhaps whatever the case may be. Then in the event you try to available the personal message box, you will have to click certainly in order to operate the disease scan.

3: In the first step, we imagine you have not only just Avast but additional firewall programs as well, such as McAfee or perhaps Norton and so forth. The next step is to the control panel by simply clicking on “Start”. Once there, you will see a large -panel where you can check out “Control -panel Settings”. At this time there, you will find the option to enable or perhaps disable Avast and all its shields, including the built-in fire wall.

Step 4: From your Control Panel Configurations, go to the following path: Applications > Network settings> Add/Remove Programs. Relating to the Select a great icon or perhaps application link field, click on “Remove programs certainly not supported”. Once you have done this, you will see a possibility for allowing or circumventing Avast Antivirus. Select this to choose it away. By doing this, you will prevent anymore infections using this virus. Finally, go back to step 1.


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